Essential oils for the bedroom! Lets talk hormones and sex!

Remember when I said there’s an oil for everything? Well let’s talk hormones and sex drives.

There are certain essential oils that can help balance hormone deficiencies. For example, in women, our hormone changes are more noticeable around the time of menstruation, giving us PMS, which is really an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. This imbalance makes it harder for us to produce serotonin, the happy hormone, which is why we feel more irritable and emotional. Oils like Clary Sage, Fennel and blends like Lady Sclareol can help to counter his imbalance. If you apply these oils to your inner ankles, inner arm or thyroid area they aid in naturally correcting hormonal imbalances… how cool is that? Just me?

These natural solutions also exist for pre-menopause and menopause. There are essential oils to control the mood swings. Peppermint works amazingly well to help control the night sweats.

In the current climate, people are generally looking for other ways to help themselves rather than waiting on an appointment with a doctor that you only get if you call at 8.27am, have a PCR test, walk backwards 5 steps, and stand on your head. After you’ve explained, in detail, to the janny who answered the phone what could be wrong with you!

Hormonal support is one of the things I love most about essential oils and this applies with the guys too – don’t worry I’m not leaving you out! Men’s hormones run a little differently than the females. They run on a daily cycle, with testosterone the highest in the morning and gradually decreasing throughout the day. Actually men’s hormones are triggered more often than ours. Have you seen the testosterone pumping if a man kicks a ball in a net? Point made. But this can decline with age, for example, and can affect them in ways like low libido or stimulation issues. Oils like Mister and Fennel and the tree oils like Spruce can all help regulate testosterone levels and bring back the horny 16-year-old!

I could go on all day about the hormonal side but let’s get to the juicy bit. How can essential oils help in the bedroom? I’m going to talk about orgasms and lube now so if that’s too much for you now is your cue to exit.

Certain essential oils are amazing for increasing circulation and engorging blood vessels and this helps with reaching orgasm, especially in women. These are oils like Cypress and Nutmeg. Ylang Ylang and Orange help boost our mood and get us IN the mood. These oils can be added to the inner thigh or around the belly button or can be blended into massage oils or lubes.  The tiniest drop of black pepper or peppermint in these, I need say no more. The perfect stimulant.

For the men there are oils like Golden Rod, and yes it puts some gold in the Rod. Nutmeg for men stimulates physical and sexual energy and is an aphrodisiac.

You might think Jen, I don’t need any of this. And I say to you, don’t you?

Why not try a natural boost to your bedroom activities over some synthetic massage oil or worse getting rubbed all over intimate areas (sending your pH crazy! Ladies, I’m talking to you!)?  

If you are an oiler already, try some of these and let me know how you get on. And if you are new to this game get me to make it for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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