Trouble getting the kids to focus? Well focus on this….

We are all there, well the we of us that have kids, it’s the dreaded home schooling.

Did I expect a career as a teacher? No!

Will I rate Teams as the most horrific computer related experience I’ve ever had? Yes!

Did I realize how much of a little sh…pain my son was? Yes but that’s not the point!

As much as I have tried the normal go to’s in this situation which are of course swearing and wine… there are other options.

There are a few natural oils that can help with things like calming and focusing, especially in kids. Essential oils that make kids feel safe are the ones that really work the best. After all is that not all they really want? Oils like Orange do this for children, it just grounds them and gives them a secure feeling. Diffusing this or a few drops in one of the reed diffusers in their room can go a long way. Pairing this with something like Lavender or Cedarwood will keep them calm. I’m not saying your kids will turn into angels with some orange oil in their room, but they will just relax and be much less likely to kick off, trust me I’ve tested it.

Now they are calm how do we get them to focus on how many apples Bill and Ben had at the market?

If I knew the answer id be an extremely popular woman but I do know a few things that can help. Oils like Frankincense and rosemary can really promote concentration and improved memory and focus. I’ve been ingesting rosemary in a capsule for another reason but in turn have seen such an improvement in just being organized for the next day and keeping focused on it, and not getting distracted with Housewives or Orange County which I find very hard believe me!

There’s a blend I’ve added to a rollerball now which I give to my son to use in the morning and at night. Its called Focus, straight to the point as always.  Now he still doesn’t want to do everything he is asked, because he is 8. But even applying it now sets his mind up for work. The olfactory system in our brain which links up smells to certain people or certain activities has already made that connection and it makes our day, or at least morning 10 times easier. There are also oils in there which help with anxiety, because lets face it, the world has changed so much for them just now and it has got to be affecting them. Oils like Bergamot just help bring the stress levels down. This applies for adults too but ill delve into that another time.

We can only try and do the best we all possibly can and if rolling a little oil on his chest or up his spine makes my day easier and his little life less stressful, I say bring it on!

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