Oils for Anxiety, Stress, and the pressures of daily life!

In our everyday lives there are certain pressures and stressful situations that come to us all. These can range from an annoying phone call at work to not being able to function in daily life. I am on the end of the scale where I feel small stresses and moments of anxiety rather than a constant battle that I know some people face.

I do know that essential oils greatly help me during these times, and I only use them for these purposes from time to time. Having a constant daily battle with your emotions must be so exhausting and draining.

Let me try and explain how oils can help. Each essential oil comes from the earth, whether it be plant or tree. They are cold pressed during distillation, so they do not lose any of their potency or goodness and we get every last amazing drop. Essential oils mostly work through inhalation. This is one of the fastest methods to get anything into your system as your sense of smell directly connects to your Olfactory system in the brain. This system is your emotional centre. Smells can actually activate certain moods and behaviors, and that is where the oils come in. Once that smell is linked to making you feel better, in whatever way, that’s the pathway built, and you should rewalk that path every time you smell that certain smell. That’s about as sciencey as I get.

So what oils work? Oils that are well known to help with anxiety are Frankincense and Bergamot. Citrus oils like Orange and Lemon are also amazing for lifting your mood. There are blends such as Stress Away and Peace and Calming which are blended by Young Living and really calm those emotional demons.

Any of the Anxiety Relief products listed on the website have Frankincense, Bergamot, and a citrus oil in them so that they are preblended for you making it easier for you to have these oils handy when your out and about of or even if you don’t have any experience with oils, its already done for you. They come in the form of an oil which you can apply to your skin or an inhaler, which will work in the way we have just been talking about. The deep breathing while inhaling will also help just calm and relax you.

If you are looking for oils just to help you relax and unwind, oils like Lavender or Ylang Ylang are perfect, Yland Ylang is also a very sexual oil and can put you in the mood so watch what your doing with that one! Or don’t!

These oils aren’t going to solve the problems your stressed about, but they are tools that can help you along the way, calming you and making the problem seem that much smaller. Small enough to realize you can conquer anything!

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