Have the kids suffered the most?

I think we can all agree it’s been a hellish year; everyone has suffered but it’s been the smaller things that I think no one predicted, the lockdown babies who don’t even know what a soft play is yet! That’s a rite of passage to a 1 year old and a sure fire way to strengthen their immune system. My son mentioned his second lockdown birthday and how he wished he could do something, and the memory of the trampoline park on his face was enough to bring me to tears.

They have been on a roller coaster this last year, from the changes in home schooling to their social life, it has been tremendous when you think about it! Yes, this is an essential oil blog so ill be talking about how I’ve helped as much as I can, mostly being a pestering oily mum but I just wanted to take a minute to mention how courageous these kids have been taking all this on, without really the understanding of what it’s about, even I’m not sure!

I have tried to help my kids as much as I can with oils that I know can help them in their daily life, we have calming oils on in the diffusers at night, a simple Cedarwood and Lavender can go a long way to relaxing them and helping them fall into a natural sleep, up at 6.15 this morning right enough but come on if I could solve that problem id be sitting on a private beach writing this.

I’ve never been contacted more for natural help for kids whether it be for anxiety or sleeping patters, to get them to concentrate or to help with mood swings.

There are a few general rules for oils in kids, the go-tos , Cedarwood, Orange and Lavender. If you have any of these handy you are onto a good start! Get them in their bath, get them on their pillow, make them into a spray and let them spray it! Make it fun!

My aim was to have ready made products available at the click of a button, so you do not need to look up these DIY recipes, you see Calm, you know what that does. You see Kids Peaceful Night; you say ill grab that!

The feedback I have had has been amazing. I think we think kids will moan about the smell and they won’t want to do it or maybe it will be too strong for them! All I can say is kids are smarter than you think, they have not been conditioned like us to think this is black and this is white, they are still really in tune with their instincts and trust me they know what these oils do. Mines lap it up! But I always give them the choice. With these oils there is never too much application or wasted oil, certainly when it comes to any products I make, and generally our bodies just get rid of what we don’t need.

People seem to be going in the direction of a more natural resolution to things recently, especially in kids, and with all their wee lives turned upside down, what harm could a roll of Bergamot down their spine do, and what amazing benefits does it hold for there emotional welfare.

You decide.

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