Can essential oils bring back the dead?

Of course not that title was just to get your attention!

But there are some oils that can help with grief and the pain and anxiety that goes with that. Grief as something that I am dealing with every day. I lost my dad nearly 2 years ago to alcoholism. Watching someone you love destroy their life must be up there with one of the most painful things in the world, but for them then to die from it makes it so much harder. My dad was 61.

There are certain oils such as orange and lemon which can lift your mood. They really help on the low days; I like to have them in my diffuser or sometimes I put a few drops in my hands and rub them together and just stop and take some deep breaths. These are also really helpful with anxiety and are some of the least expensive oils. The only thing you need to worry about with the citrus oils is they are photosynthetic which means they can burn your skin if exposed too much sun, but I don’t think we run the risk here in Scotland in February.

These oils can help tackle the low mood but what about the pain? There is a blend called Joy, how lovely, and that’s exactly what it does. It helps with pain and sorrow and healing your heart. I love to put a few drops on my skin where my heart is, it’s a floral scent so feels lovely to inhale it all day.

Another good oil is Bergamot, which helps with fear. The fear of them not being here anymore, the fear of how you go on without them. Another useful blend from Young Living is Acceptance. This just does what it says on the tin, helping you to accept the loss.

Gentle Baby is a blend made for babies; you’ll be surprised to know. I use it in my Nappy creams and its great for stretch marks! But it also just smells like a big cuddle! It’s so calming and gentle and just makes you feel so safe. I love diffusing this on the hard days. A few drops on your pillow at night is also a great way to help you sleep.

Everyone deals with grief differently and its filled with many ups and downs and tears and laughter. I can only talk from my experience when I say that these oils have truly helped me stay calm and centred while I’ve been going through my angry days or my crying days, and always manage to spark a nice memory or a funny word he used to say to pop up and help the process. There’s no magic cure, but have you ever smelled something that reminded you of something really happy? Or the smell of your own house when you get home at night making you feel safe and secure? That’s what the oils do, they are working with that same system in the brain. They spark that feeling in your mind and we all know how powerful the mind is.

And that’s how they help me, and I hope that helps you.

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