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There are too many benefits of the essential oils within these capsules to list, but mainly these capsules help to naturally burn fat, suppress your appetite and detox your body by removing toxins. They also support water retention.

These can be used as a boost to your health, wellbeing and weight loss or as a daily supplement.

By choosing New To Oils, Week one introduces the oils into your body, helping you begin your detox journey. You will receive 3 days at a lower dosage and 4 days standard dose within your pack.

By choosing Standard, you have already ingested oils before and have already benefited from our Detox capsules.

Take advantage of the monthly option to turn this into a lifestyle change.

Our boost week has a boosted dosage of each oil to help give you that extra support.


These capsules are made with essential oils only.


Directions for use: Take one in the morning after a small breakfast and one late afternoon. Drink plenty of water which helps the detox and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Please use the contact us section with any questions you may have.

Capsules must be stored in a cool dry place. Includes 14 capsules.

Caution: Please avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition consult a healthcare professional prior to use.

Ingredients: Mentha Piperita oil, limon peel oil, Citrus paradise peel oil. May contain Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Eugenol.

Capsules are Vegan, Kosher and Gluten free.

Therapeutic grade essential oil.

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1 Week, 1 Month, Booster Week


Standard, Booster(double strength)

11 reviews for Detox Capsules

  1. Kelly

    I have lost a stone and a half since discovering these capsules, They have totally curbed my snacking and encouraged me to drink more water, they have also increased my concentration levels and I find I have less brain fog.
    I highly recommend them to everyone.. you won’t be disappointed

  2. Chloe Ferrari

    Week 1 on these detox capsules, was abit sceptical but tried them as needed a boost in my weight loss. Have been taking them as instructed combined with a healthy diet for 4 days now and already lost 7lbs. So happy with the results & already ordered more

  3. Lynn Cotterell

    I would definitely recommend the capsules made me feel so good. Also helped with my hot flushes as I am in the menopause. Stopped me snacking and encouraged me to drink more water.

  4. Nicola Clark

    I would definitely recommend this product. After only a few days my skin was better and my energy levels were through the roof. I felt amazing and it encouraged me to drink more water.

  5. Lara

    These capsules are an absolute god send! I lost 5lb in just 2/3 days, I felt so much more energetic with the capsules and I was drinking so much more water…. so not only was I losing weight but I was feeling absolutely amazing too. 100% recommend

  6. Marion

    I would definitely recommend these capsules.i took them over 3 weeks and lost 11lbs .I must admit I could have done better .but had a few nights out I couldn’t miss .😂
    Starting my new course today here’s to my next 11lbs 100%recommend

  7. Jill Hutchinson

    10/10 could not recommend these enough! I have taken these capsules for months now in my first 3 days I lost 5lbs, by the end of the week along with exercise and eating right- I was down 1/2 a stone. However Iv felt so many other benefits from just the weight loss. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks Jen.

  8. Stacey Johnston

    Defo recommend using these capsules in my first week using them I’ve lost 9 inches all over my body into my second week now and couldn’t be happier defo don’t feel as hungry and all round feel much better

  9. Gemma McCue

    I have been using these Detox Capsules for over a year now, I just love them. I have a lot of weight to shift due to an illness and I can honestly say these have been a godsend for me. The price is so reasonable too I buy them in bulk now to be on safe side 😂 and tonight I tried the stress relief bath bath soak the smell is like something sent from heaven thanks again Jen xxxx

  10. Liz Elvy

    I have had a few products from Jen and the service I received was 1st class very helpful and knowledgeable in all her products as it says on Web site she has an oil for that 🥰 I can recommend the detox capsules these really helped with my bloating, at the moment I’m trying out the grow lash will let you know how I get on. Jen kindly gave me a mother’s day gift box which iam getting through loving the lip balm 👍


  11. Wendy (verified owner)

    Bloating has been reduced since starting taking these capsules and my appetite has definitely been under control which is an issue for me due to pcos. I feel more focused too and am looking forward to seeing more of these positive results.

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