Welcome to Wellness at The Hilcroft Hotel – DAY PASS


Welcome to Wellness at The Hilcroft Hotel is an warm invitation to embrace activities that promote overall health, balance and wellness.

During this weekend you will engage in practices that calm the mind, relax the body and alleviate the mental or emotional pressures caused by stress. Its all about finding ways to unwind and restore a sense of balance and calmness amidst daily challenges.

Everything at the retreat is about exploring relaxing and enjoyable treatments and experiences like meditation and workshops, all at a beginner level.

Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

10th – 12th May 2024


See below for full description of activities.


Package Includes:

10th – 12th May 2024

Friday 6pm – 8pm

Cacao Ceremony and Deep Sleep Meditation.

Join Jen in some ceremonial grade Cacao made from raw, pure cacao beans. In this ceremony we will set intentions for your time at the retreat, enjoy a relaxing meditation and get to know the ladies who you will be spending a few days with. Cacao has mood enhancing and heart opening properties which promotes a sense of well-being and inner reflection.

Saturday 9am – 8pm

Soulfire gentle movement

Soulfire is a gentle exercise class aimed to get you moving in low impact but fiery movements. Claire will take you through a journey of the elements and how to move your body.

Group Reiki

Dawn will hold space during a relaxing and restorative meditation for some group reiki healing. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that involves the transfer of energy through the practitioners hands to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

Jill Ritchie empowerment coach workshop

Jill Ritchie, is an embodied leader in her field. She is the voice behind her award winning podcast ‘She Loves Herself’ @shelovesherselfpod and the Co-Founder of The Intuitive Psychology Association @we.are.ipa the Worlds First & only Intuitive Psychology Coach Training Program to be Awarded an advanced accreditation diploma by The Association for Coaching. After 20 years in Corporate Leadership feeling burned out, and disconnected to her own authenticity, Jill founded Just Jill Coaching in 2018. Jill paves the way to a wholesome, authentic, and abundant life. Rooted in the belief that our present is intertwined with our past, she empowers clients & communities with profound healing from within, fostering vulnerability, authenticity and empowering others along their own transformative journeys. As a skilled intuitive and specialist in inner child healing and unblocking, Jill is the trusted go-to person for profound transformations. Jill’s expertise has reached global audiences, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and Olympic athletes, showcasing her impact on individuals across the globe. Her techniques, applied in 1:1 sessions, retreats, and deep healing meditations, hold remarkable and instantaneous results, nurturing profound trust, self discovery and transformation in her clients & communities.

Sound bath

Aga will take you on a journey through sound and vibration using crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and other instruments. The goal is to reduce stress, promote relaxation and potentially facilitate healing.


Sunday 9am – 10am


Amanda will hold a gentle yoga class, which includes slow movements and stretches, ending with a gorgeous short meditation.


Best Western The Hilcroft Hotel

East Main Street



EH47 0JU









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