About Us

How I began my journey

My journey in inventing these natural products began when I was born. I grew up in a household where herbs were the first point of call for any ailment and if that didn’t work, you used a crystal.

My dad passed away in 2019 and that event slingshot me into memories of how we used to live and realising it was a real passion of mines.

I started to remember more, I completed my qualification in herbal medicine with The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine on Isle or Arran and my diploma in Aromatherapy. As I began to make things for friends and family, they were amazed at how well things worked and how good they felt.

And so, remidy was born.

I aim to provide natural alternatives to common ailments and everyday issues we face in our daily lives a from emotional, mental, and physical standpoint.

Each product has been created to help bring our bodies back into balance.

As things progressed, I began creating events which incorporated natural remedies from a more mindful standpoint. I began organising and hosting Full Moon events and retreat days. This progressed into a holistic market which I host every month, New Moon Market (find me on facebook, Instagram etc)

And I’m still growing, advancing and aiming to give you the best holistic experience and approach to your emotional, mental and physical health I can.


Standards far beyond the standard.

Millions around the world have discovered the benefits of pure essential oils, derived naturally from plants. We’re committed to establishing and maintaining the ultimate, industry-leading standard in essential oil products. For us, the non-negotiable benchmarks for delivering a product that our customers can feel great about are multifaceted and exacting. We’re proud to offer an extensive line of essential oils and essential oil-infused, plant-based products that represent the best of nature—through the standards of our Seed to Seal quality commitment.

As the leader of the essential oils movement, Young Living is paving the way for every other essential oil company to improve processes that protect our planet and ensure the highest quality standards.

Young Living embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure our products meet strict specifications. Seed to Seal is our commitment that helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product your family uses, you’re enjoying the benefits of our global resources, industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation. The result? A pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards—the three pillars of Seed to Seal.

Natural Power

Why is aromatherapy so powerful?

Aromatherapy has such a transforming effect because it taps into our limbic system. This part of the brain deals with emotions, memories and stimulation, and can even influence hormonal responses.

Essential oils are able to bypass the blood-brain barrier through the olfactory system. Once inhaled, essential oils can alter our brain chemistry, stimulating memories, moods, and feelings. Our sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than other senses. Traveling faster to the brain than both sight and sound, it provokes a cascade of reactions, both physically and emotionally, before we even register the aroma in our conscious brain: from endorphins that uplift our mood to our central nervous system relaxing.

The real power of aromatherapy is the fact that it has a holistic effect on our wellbeing, setting our mind, body and spirit back in balance.